Jesus Heals The Pain

by Emily Hoshko


Most of us know we have problems, if you don’t know, let me be the first one to tell you we all have problems. We all have things we struggle with and emotional pain piercing our heart causing it to cry out for help, for some of us, we cry everyday. Yet others have a pain that is so intensely severe, it completely locks their heart away so they don’t have to remember feeling alone, not good enough, or worthless again. They shut down all systems of feeling their worst pain as a safety mechanism. It’s the only way for some to survive in this blind uncaring world.

As life carries on, we oftentimes react to people & circumstances out of the pain in our hearts, yet we really don’t know why we are reacting the way we do. Or maybe some of us do know why. Maybe some of us know that in the past we were rejected by our best friend who pretended to care but would talk badly about us behind our backs. Or maybe some of us remember never feeling loved by our mom because she was too depressed. While some of us don’t have any good memories with our dad because he was neglectful and angry, covering his pain in alcohol, entertainment, and pornography. Or maybe we can’t forget the pressure to perform everything perfect so we could feel the love and attention from our parents and friends. Maybe the only memory of church was a pastor and congregation who only noticed us when we didn’t meet the church’s standards of spirituality and appearance and never really cared about the pain in our hearts.

As negative circumstances unfold in our lives, we may choose to safeguard our hearts by locking it down in cement and chains and say to ourselves, “I will never feel the horrible pains of being rejected, neglected, abused, or pressured again. No one is going to look inside and see the mess I really am. No one will break the chains or penetrate my heart incased in stone. No, not even Jesus…."

And this is where we run into even deeper problems. We think Jesus wasn’t there. He doesn’t understand, He doesn’t care! Why? Why would He allow me feel so depressed, overwhelmed, used, and anxious! Where is the hope and joy he promised? He says His yoke is easy, yet mine feels like I’m plodding through mud with all the wheels broken and I’m looking over at Jesus thinking, “Where are you!?”

It’s easy to judge.

We look at those who are plodding along with brokenness, who don’t enjoy church, who can’t get anything from the Bible because they are pressured to think they have to complete a checklist of standards for God to love them. It’s easy to look at the outside and judge because we can clearly see and define a liar, a cheater, an adulterer, a depressed man, a rebellious teen, an anxious mom, an angry husband, a hopeless woman, or a hypocrite/pretender. We can so easily point out others sins and problems, give them a verse to say how a Christian should react or act. Yet no one is looking at the inside, at the damage done to their heart, the source of what’s causing them to react with bitterness and frustration, with tears and fear, with anxiety and depression, with no emotions and pretending everything is ok, with impulsiveness and lust, and the list goes on.

Yet, in Psalm 147:3 (NASB) it says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” How can this be? Can Jesus really heal a broken heart and bind up our wounds? Can he reach in and touch our hearts and heal our deepest pains and fears? Can He help us forgive those who have violated or wronged us? Can we trust Him?

Last week I attended John Regier’s Caring for the Heart seminar in Colorado Springs, CO. A resounding theme throughout the week was that God takes our brokenness & pain and makes something beautiful out of it. He is that powerful, yet we have a hard time wrapping our minds around His greatness. Instead, the truth stays trapped in our heads and we never truly let it reach and impact our hearts.

It’s as simple as asking Jesus, “What did ______________ do to my heart?” Fill the blank in with any painful experience such as rejection by a friend or being ignored and neglected by a parent. Then listen for His answer, which could be a word picture or a single word, prompted in your mind. Then ask Jesus, “How would you heal my heart from this pain?” “What do you want me to do with this pain?” “Where were you Jesus when I went through ________________?” Sometimes we have bitterness towards others or God we must take care of as well, but that’s for later discussion.

The joy and fulfillment found in God is real. I didn’t used to believe it, but I have experienced it first hand through the healing power of Jesus in my heart. I still have weaknesses and areas that I fall short. Thankfully God’s grace is there to shine through. My desire is to point you to Jesus so you can find the beauty in your brokenness & pain through his forgiveness and healing.

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